Printing, Dyeing, and Finishing


The brands we represent in the field of printing, dyeing, and finishing are:



Sample and production steamers, and fabric and knit dryers for traditional and digital post-printing operations.

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PLM Impianti

Fabric inspection, measurement, and packaging machines for textiles.

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Pozzi Leopoldo

Batch, beam, or tops dyeing machines, hydroextractors, and yarn dryers.

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Fabric and knit rope dyeing machines, soft flow, with nominal capacities ranging from 10kg to 2100kg, equipped with the most innovative and efficient technologies available in the global market.

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Italian Color Solutions

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A. Piovan

Rubber coating for foulard, mercerizing, and traction rolls, rubber sleeves for Sanfor machines, and metallic cylinders

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PLM Impianti

Machines and automation dedicated to the inspection, cutting, packaging, handling, and palletizing of fabrics/knits in their various forms.

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Felt compactors.

Flat ramulas.

Carpet dryers for fabrics and knits.

Tubular knit compactors.

Squeezer/Thermofixer for tubular knits.

Sanfor line for open knits.



Continuous tumblers machines and combined continuous dryer/tumbler lines for fabrics and knits.

Special finishing machines such as crashing/wrinkling, pleating, and calenders.

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Zonco Federico

Open-width washing lines for fabrics.

Rope washers.

Rope washers/Beaters for dry and wet treatment of fabrics and knits, including enzymatic treatment.

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Continuous solvent washing machines.

Finishing and compacting machines for open-width fabrics and knits.

Dry and wet grinding machines.

Continuous decatising machines.

Continuous steamer for open-width fabrics/knits.

Crabbing/fixing machine for open-width fabrics.

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