The services we provide.


We gather a group of high-quality partners who are leaders in their respective sectors, particularly in Spinning, Printing, Dyeing, Finishing, Sustainability, Technical Textiles, Preparation, and Industrial Automation.

We market equipment from our partners according to your project’s requirements.

Technical Assistance.

We have a team of highly experienced technicians with proven track records, ensuring essential services such as installation, training, and assistance to ensure the smooth operation of our clients’ businesses.

We also maintain a stock of spare parts from some of our represented brands, which are crucial in minimizing the costs of production downtime due to equipment malfunction or preventive maintenance needs.

The shared know-how with our clients and represented partners allows us to grow together, always based on the focus, professionalism, and integrity that characterize us.

The areas we serve are:

Especialistas em soluções e inovação tecnológica para a Indústria têxtil.


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